Rabenbucht Rottweilers (Previously: Wilynholz)

Caius's USRC - BST

Height @ Withers: 65cm       Chest depth:   33cm        Weight: 106lbs (49kg)
Body Lenght:         73cm       Chest Circum:  93cm        Eye Color: 2B
Muzzle:                    9cm       Skull:               16cm         Legible Tatoo: LW010 (RE)
Bite & Dentition: P1 upper right double

Great, very well built, strong head with much expression, medium sized ears, brown eyes, correct stop and cheek bones, strong muzzle, lips are dark, gums pink, very nice neck and back line, very good chest proportions, very good angulation, straight back, correct croup, very good coat, red brown markings, very good movement.

Head Shape: Strong/Typey
Cheek Bone: Distinct
Bone Strenght: Strong
General Behavior: selt confidient/alert


Desire to please/Endurance: Very High
Ability to calm down: Very High
Tractability: Very High
Point of Arousal: Very High
Grip: Full/Calm/Solid

Reaction to Gun: No reaction

Breedable (Zuchtauglich)
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